"But then you just want to switch off your thoughts and listen to the music"
(Süderländer Tageblatt)

"Irina Tseytlina and Alexander Moseler created veritable worlds of sound"
Also here, Irina Tseytlina gave valid, convincing performances of astounding virtuosity. Playfully light-footed and decidedly elegant in the sensitive themes, the two movements of the F Major Sonata of Johann Christian Bach were played by Irina Tseytlina and Alexander Moseler in consummate accord.
(Westfälische Rundschau)

"Thrilling performance from Irina Tseytlina and Alexander Moseler"
The audience in Ohle Church were enraptured. [...] Already in this opening, Irina Tseytlina, who studied with Rubin Abdullin, gained her concert diploma in Kazan in 2002 and has distinguished herself with organ competition prizes, demonstrated her great musical abilities. [...] Alexander Moseler shone in Johann Jacob Froberger's "Suite II".
(Plettenberger Rundschau)

"Almost unnoticed, the Protestant Church in Ohle has become an insider tip for lovers of classical organ music in the Sauerland region. After the last successful concert, Ohle witnessed two extraordinary talents on Sunday. [...] While they perform internationally as an organ duo, they both also have equal mastery of the harpsichord, as they impressively demonstrated in Ohle. In works by Froberger, Bach and Frescobaldi, they clearly showed that organ music does not belong to the past but is part of the living church."
(Süderländer Tageblatt)

"Classical music for guitar and organ in Ohle Protestant Church"
On Sunday afternoon, the listeners were captivated by a "little evening music" in the Protestant Church in Ohle. The performers were Melanie Feil (guitar) and Alexander Moseler (organ). They programme comprised 16 classical works. The audience were electrified by the professionalism of the musicians.
(Süderländer Tageblatt)